Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, New Growth Counseling is where our mental health professionals work as a team to identify our clients’ mental health goals and develop a treatment plan that will help them on their path to wellness and personal journey to healing. We want our clients to feel heard, respected and empowered.

Because we understand each person is unique, we have adopted a variety of approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and mindfulness techniques. For those suffering from addictions, we have individual and group therapy opportunities.

Denise Barner, Counselor, MA, LPCC

Denise is a creative and passionate mental health professional who believes that everyone has the ability to learn, evolve and thrive in life. Her therapeutic approach is confidential, supportive and provides a safe place to talk about and process difficult things. She approaches each individual with the belief that the person you are today is a combination of several influential factors. Some of these factors are early childhood and adult relationship experiences, genetic predisposition and even environmental factors. She believes therapy is not a process that labels you, but a tool to help overcome life’s challenges.

Denise has several years of experience working with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar-related mood changes; all of which can affect personal and professional relationships. Her approach is rooted in psychoanalytic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and reality therapy techniques. These well-established approaches have helped many people find peace and balance in their mental health, and they can work for you, too.


License and State: CCMH0199841 New Mexico
Certificate: New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board / CCMH0199841
Certificate Date: 2018

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We are committed to the wellness of individuals, their families and the community through prevention, intervention, treatment and education.

At New Growth Counseling, we believe each person’s path to wellness is unique. We want our clients to feel heard, respected and empowered to live a better life.

A journey of growth for each client we serve, the community and our own organization, bolstered by compassion, acceptance, respect and empowerment.

We value quality of care and service to our clients through:

Compassion toward the community we serve.
Acceptance of everyone’s right to compassionate care.
Respect for everyone’s unique path toward their own healing.
Empowerment for everyone to have a voice and participate in their care.
Sincerity in how we treat each other every day.